Self Care

Reinforcing and Maintaining Positive Behaviours!

Positive Language– Avoiding ‘should’ can help alleviate pressure on yourself, you don’t ‘have’ to do anything but you could.

Avoid Overthinking– Distracting yourself with positive activities such as reading or going for walks, recognise you’re in control and things can change for the better. It’s always ok if this doesn’t work straight away or at all.

Have A Daily Mindful Moment– Take time out of your evening to consider whether something was positive throughout the day, the sunshine on your skin, a cute animal you passed in the street, helping an elderly lady, the sound of rain on your windows or even recognise methods you could’ve reinforced to find mindfulness during the day, a yoga class, breathing exercises, walks etc.

Recognise Your Achievements Daily!– You could appreciate your positive choices through the day, you’ve changed your bedding or you were kind to a neighbour, finding time to exercise, meditate etc.

Write To Do lists– This list could entail a small goal by the end of the week to have given yourself some ‘me time’ or to see friends, bake a cake, watch your favourite film, something that could set you up for positivity.

Credit Where It’s Due! – You deserve to be able to manage your daily activities with ease, if you manage to have a positive outlook on your struggles you will find coping generally a lot easier whether you’re struggling with life, mental health, grieving,  lonely, homeless, I’d like to think this kind of mindset could help even if it’s a small change.

Ways To Relax and Maintain Positivity–  Activities such as visual and auditory relaxation, spending time in nature, listening to music, guided meditation, breathing exercises, animal therapy, talking about your day etc.

*Disclaimer all of said above are suggestions and please be easy on yourself as these things take time and you deserve this kindness*


Seasonal Crafting- Christmas Self Care 

During the Christmas season It’s easy to succumb to the dingy affects of winter however we have some suggestions to brighten your experience! You could spend time alone, with family or friends crafting, encouraging yourself to take time out of your day to stop and be mindful. The crafts can be as inexpensive as you wish, we have some wonderful suggestions! You could ask family/friends for old or unused Christmas trees, decorations, tinsel etc as well as natural elements like holly, ivy, vines, twigs and branches,  mistletoe, and berries.

**Please be cautious of poison ivy & wear gloves. Please wear gloves and try to pick up fallen twigs/branches rather than destructing wildlife.

Ivy Wreath –


To create this I gathered some dead vines and varying sizes of Ivy vines, I started by tying the plain vines together gradually creating the circle shape, to secure them I used strands of brown embroidery string (3 or 4 inches long). I then began to connect the Ivy in different areas to create a base of smaller Ivy foliage, I used longer strands of string to do this (5 to 6 inches). Eventually adding the larger vines of Ivy and allowing the ends to fall naturally to create a more character then I strung some contrasting purple lace ribbon through the top,  finally I sprayed the leaves with a little hair spray and added a little robin from my bag of unused decorations. (I decided to hang the wreath above an air freshener to mask the pungent smell of Ivy.) You could also use this process during autumn, spring and summer with fake or fresh flowers foliage and whatever you please, happy crafting!


Christmas Garland –

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To create this I gathered a ball of yarn and unraveled enough taking into consideration the ties at the ends and the knots to keep the toys in place. Once you have deliberated your desired length you can start taking your items and adding them, for the cinnamon sticks I tied 2 or 3 inches of yarn to the metal wrap around their middle and attached them to the yarn, the same with the mushrooms, and tassels. I made these tassels for the garland, I painted the grey yarn in a desired length with silver paint, waited until it dried and started wrapping the yarn around a 4 inch piece of cardboard. I removed the yarn and used grey embroidery string  to wrap around 1/4 from the top to create a tuft, I then cut the bottom and trimmed to ensure the length is all the same.  I then sewed a loop at the top to enable hanging, I used the same process for the plain yarn tassels ensuring the embroidery string matched in cream. I added some ribbon and odd bits like a key and later (not pictured) an acorn tree decoration. Please take care in hanging your decorations!


Dried fruit & decorations


*Image credit –

Lets get festive! For this craft you could use oranges, lemons, limes, pears, apples, chillies, grapefruits, you can add nuts, acorns, conkers, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, candy canes anything you wish!       Cut up the fruit in thin slices – You could use a pampered chef knife to ensure children can cut through strong skinned fruit won’t get injured. Once sliced place onto baking tray lined with grease proof paper! If you want some extra Christmas spice add some gloves to the middle of the slices Or you could sprinkle cinnamon/ginger on your fruit (great with apple slices). With your fruit in the oven on 175 degrees ensuring the fruit is cooked for 2 hours on each side they can be cooked for up to 7hours depending on preference. Once they have cooled you could use a craft varnish or mod podge to lightly cover and add shine (you could even sprinkle glitter on top).  Alternatively you could score oranges/limes/lemons and bake those, they look wonderful hanging on a Christmas tree.  Your options are now endless, you could make a garland, a wreath, hand them on your trees or door handles, place in a bowl for decoration. Again please take care especially if crafting with children.

Extra ideas –

For fun I grabbed some alternating twigs and places them in a vase, hung decorations and tied bows on them just to add a little something to my kitchen. The image credit reference site Craft bug is also a wonderful place to find free tips and projects.

I really hope you enjoyed these festive themed ideas, stay posted for more self care tips!